Alison Products (Kenya) Limited

Manufacturers of personal care and beauty products

Festival Liquid Food Colour 50 ml

Egg Yellow, Golden Yellow, Orange, Pink, Bright Red, Strawberry Red, Raspberry Red, Purple, Blue, Green & Chocolate Brown

Available Size: 50 ml

Festival Food Colour 10 gm

Black, Chocolate Brown, Maroon, Purple, Blue, Raspberry Red, Tomato Red, Strawberry Red, Bright Red, Pink, Orange, Golden Yellow, Egg Yellow, Bright Yellow and Green   

Available Size: 10 gm

Festival Food Colour 40 gm

Tomato Red, Raspberry Red, Green, Egg Yellow, Golden Yellow and Orange

Available Size: 40 gm

Festival Ndimu Citric Acid

Available Size: 20 gm

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